Zoom concert and workshop series

We are living through difficult times, so much so that it can be hard to remember this is not the first trial humanity has faced. Stories have always shown us the way through the darkness. They are a road map, a travel guide, a set of instructions so we know we’re not alone and we have tools to navigate our way through. Join storyteller Laura Packer for stories and workshops that aren’t afraid of the dark and shine a light for all.

Zoom class: Adding Sensory Detail for Better Writing and Storytelling
16 August 2020, 2pm CT
$15/$7 for Patreon supporters

Effective writing and storytelling invite the reader and listeners to imagine more deeply. One way to help your audience connect with your story is to use good sensory detail. Not only wll this bring everyone deeper into the story, it will help the story stick, and gives you tools to show more and tell less.

Learn how to use not only visual images, but aroma, taste, touch, and sound decriptors as a way to deepen your stories, enhance your characters, and create worlds people will believe. This highly interactive workshop will help you figure out what detail to use, when and when not to, and how. You can bring a work-in-progress or use the instructor-provided examples.

Expect to learn, share, encourage, and have fun.

Purchase tickets via Eventbrite here. Seats are limited so don’t delay.