Storytelling in education

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Storytelling in education works.

Educators and people educating-at-home are looking for innovative and safe ways to help kids and teachers thrive. Storytelling can help. Whether you’re a teacher who wants interesting and relevant content for their students, an administrator who wants to help teachers feel more confident in their distance-learning skills, or a home-educator who wants to expand your offerings, Laura Packer has performances and workshops that work at a distance and in-person. She is engaging, entertaining, and a skilled facilitator and performer who believes the customer’s needs come first.

Educational possibilities include:

  • Storytelling programs linked to your language arts, history, science, and social studies curricula;
  • Storytelling programs for grades 3-12 including Animal Stories; various Holiday themes; stories from specific cultures (Greek Myths, King Arthur Stories, Asian folktales, Stories from the States, etc.); Stories of Heroic Girls and Boys; Stories to Build Empathy, Compassion, and Common Sense; Storytelling for Better Writing; Stories of Protest and Possibility; and many, many more;
  • Storytelling and listening workshops for kids ages 7 and up;
  • How to create and run a student storytelling program;
  • Workshops and performances for college students;
  • Workshops to help educators incorporate storytelling into the classroom;
  • Workshops to help educators tell their own stories;
  • And much, much more.

More information is found throughout this website:

You can book a free discovery call to learn more. Please contact Laura for pricing, planning, customization, and more.

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