I love your stories!
– Sixth grade audience member

You want your storyteller to captivate, entertain, and mesmerize you. When Laura performs the stage vanishes and you find yourself in other times, other lives, and other stories, all so familiar you’d swear they were your own.

Laura’s stories took my breath away. The whole audience was transfixed. We laughed and cried together.
– Tejas Storytelling Festival

Laura performs for audiences of all sizes and most ages. She brings well-crafted and vibrantly-performed stories to theaters, classrooms, libraries, community spaces, homes, festivals of all kinds, conferences, and more. Her wide repertoire means her programs are always dynamic, adapted for each audience, and compelling for listeners. New stories and programs are being added all of the time. When paired with a workshop, listeners not only hear great stories, they learn how to do it themselves.

My friends and I were spellbound by Laura’s stories. She knows how to draw you in and take you on a journey to other places and other times….
– Fringe audience member 2018

Laura believes that every audience matters. While she may be sharing a pre-existing program, each performance is audience-focused, so there is room to respond to the listeners and adapt on the fly. She says, “Storytelling doesn’t happen in a vacuum. I do my best to serve the needs of every single audience member and give them what they need, whether it’s laughs, sighs, or a chance to make some noise.”

“Our guests were delighted. She is welcome back to our house concert series whenever she’s in town.”
– House concert host with 20+ years of experience

With over 25 years of performing experience, Laura has an extensive repertoire  of programs and stories, including traditional tales from around the world; retold fairy tales and myths that reveal new perspectives; personal narrative that amuses and moves; original magical realism fiction full of wonder; scary stories; seasonal pieces; historical works; improvised stories that exist only for one performance; and more. She tells  stories for all audiences. Her stories cover the range of human experience from the most grounded to the fantastical and are a collaborative creation with the audience, drawing listeners into the world of the story. Schedule your discovery call now to find out what kinds of stories Laura can share with you.

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