Customized Storytelling

Laura believes every audience deserves its own stories, so all programs are customized or developed based on the audiences needs. If you have a specific need, please contact her to discuss your needs.

While all programs are unique, a few of Laura’s standard, customizable programs include:

Heroes and Heroines

Myths and folktales that highlight resourceful women, men, boys and girls as they get themselves into and out of trouble.
All ages

Who knew? Stories that explain the world

A rotating collection of stories about why the world is the way it is.
All ages

Seasonal stories

(Halloween, holidays, spring, summer, autumn and winter, harvest and others)
All ages

When Animals Could Talk

World folktales with animals as heroes, villains, and more.
All ages

Participatory Story Time

Playful, participatory stories to get kids wiggling, giggling, and more.
All ages, especially younger kids

Changing the World

A customizable program of stories about people who make a positive difference in their communities and the world.
Age appropriate per program customization


What haunts you? Lost love and lives; visitors from beyond the grave and beyond memory; secrets lost and revealed. Join storyteller Laura Packer for real, eerie, funny, lovely, terrifying stories. Not just ghost stories, but the things that haunt us and keep us awake at night. Stories you won’t hear around the campfire, stories you wish weren’t real, stories that will haunt you.
Ages 14+

The Adventures of Crazy Jane and Red-Haired Annie

Steeped in once upon a time, seasoned with coffee and asphalt, these are new fairy tales for modern times, wherein we find wisdom in madness, danger in beauty, and wonder around every corner. Meet the Faerie Queen, the King of Butterflies, and other magical creatures as Crazy Jane and Red Haired Annie navigate their world. Inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Neil Gaiman, and the oldest myths and fairy tales. Come explore friendship, magic, the mundane and the surreal with Crazy Jane and Red Haired Annie.
Ages 12+

Fairy Tales for Grown Ups

What happens before once upon a time and after happily ever after? Did Beauty love the Prince or the Beast? What’s all the fuss about poisoned apples anyway? Join storyteller Laura Packer for the other side of enchantment. No Disney princesses, singing teapots or emasculated wolves. Darker. Sexier. Funnier. Grimmer.
Adults only or Ages 16+

Living in the Twilight Zone

A personal narrative of life after the death of a loved one. An exploration of loss, grief, and re-emergence.
Ages 16+

Woman on the Edge

A variable selection of original stories that push boundaries with humor, honesty, and a peek into the recesses of the human heart.
Ages 16+

My Life as a Fairy Tale

Adapted and modified fairy tales woven into a personal narrative of why fairy tales and myths matter.
Ages 14+

Stories for specific life events

(Births, marriages, specific birthday milestones, retirement, funerary remembrances and others)

Customized programs for all audiences.

Whether the listeners are wiggly kindergarteners, people looking for a fun night out, jaded teens, older adults with hearing and memory issues, people working toward a common goal, or some other audience, Laura will work with you to develop the right program for your needs.